Open Call for Artists: Refraction x ETHBerlin

Refraction and The Department of Decentralization are presenting the art programming at this year’s ETHBerlin from May 24-26. The exhibition is curated through an Open Call. Interested artists can submit their artwork from April 10th to May 10th.

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Refract Pass Drop: Rick Silva - Totality

We asked Brazilian-American artist Rick Silva a few questions ahead of his Refraction artwork drop—a reflection on the solar eclipse. The work is available exclusively for Refract Pass holders and exhibited for the first time at our New York event at Public Records on April 4th.

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Navigating Identity and Ownership in Digital Art and the New Creative Economies with LUKSO

Always there when you call, always online. 

Kaitlyn Davies
REWIND: Refaction x Dig Shibuya (Tokyo)

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Refraction Returns to Miami During Art Basel

Refraction returns to Miami on December 8th for a day-to-night session of talks, music and art. In partnership with new music streaming platform Sona, we're taking over Understory in Little River, celebrating the city's finest local and international culture.

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REWIND: Refraction x Towns - Red Pavilion NYC

Refraction recently returned to NYC for Mainnet and a community celebration at the ever-stylish venue The Red Pavilion, with our friends from Towns and DJs Lloyd and Blakamex.

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Refraction x Lisbon, 8-18 November @ Arroz Estúdios

Refraction touches down in Lisbon for the first time, bringing a handful of friends along for the ride. In collaboration with Arroz Estúdios and ArtDAO, we’ve curated 10 days of digital art with the help of Ellie Pritts, Agoria, and Zora.

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REWIND: Creative Grants - Refraction x S.E.E.D. DAO Chapter 1: Parallel Biome Hypothesis (Brasil)

REWIND: Refraction x Towns (Paris) - Carbone w/Peach, Vanille, Cherry B Diamond

In July, Refraction stormed Paris during EthCC for a night of impeccable vibes courtesy Peach, Vanille and Cherry B Diamond.

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REWIND: Creative Grants - Refraction x Fabiola Larios, Moises Sanabria, & MCR (Miami)

The idea behind the Internet Yami-Ichi is simple: 'what happens when we start to "browse" face-to-face?' Partnering with Miami Community Radio, Refraction launched Miami's first Internet Yami-Ichi, bringing an art auction to Miami where people could turn off and tune in. 

Henry Ivry
REWIND: Creative Grants - Refraction x Endless Return Backroads (Kuala Lumpur)

Refraction partnered with Singapore's insurgent rave collective, Endless Return, for an event that explored audio and visual art situated at the boundary of technology.

Henry Ivry
REWIND: Creative Grants - Refraction x MaHalla - Monster Mutations (Berlin) with, Frank Bretschneider, Moderna, Maya Wada

Taking over a 9000 square meter former turbine hall, Monster Mutations provided an alternate space to explore the outer reaches of the consciousness cosmos.

Henry Ivry
Rewind: Refraction x Miami Art Week

More like a collective experience than a traditional exhibition, the vibe in Miami was about bringing the Refraction Festival to life—and with over 2500 people in attendance, the energy was palpable.

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Refraction Japan: A Discussion with Co-Curators of Our Upcoming Tokyo Events

Refraction Tokyo × MUTEK.JP and Refraction Tokyo Gallery Exhibition explore Tokyo's cultural pandemonium through music, performance, and digital art with cutting-edge creatives.

Asuka Kawanabe
Refraction x Miami Art Week: Mapping a New Landscape for Digital Culture

Taking place over two days, with over 30 visual artists and 15 musical acts, Refraction aims to challenge the framework and systems of contemporary culture — Miami Art Week is the perfect platform from which to achieve that mission.

Kate Neave
Rewind: Surveyors of Magic - despace (Berlin) Curated By Tabitha Swanson

For our latest Berlin event in partnership with the Tezos Foundation and Infite Objects, Tabitha Swanson curated 16 artworks from the Refraction collection, describing the magic of memories, dreams, and experiences refracted through the digital lens.

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REWIND: Refraction x Magma - The Force (São Paulo) with D3lcu, EPX, Kontronatura

Centered on the work of eight digital artists, including the decolonial textual work of RIKKA and Jean Petra's sci-fi hyperpop, and soundtracked by eight incredible DJs, Refraction worked with Brazilian collective MAGMA to create an immersive, energetic, and thoughtful night in São Paulo.

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REWIND: Refraction x Panke (Berlin) with Muqata'a, MC Yallah & Scotch Rolex

Crossing both geographies and genres, and mixing DJing, live sets, and everything in between, Refraction's two-night event at Berlin's Panke Culture was a series to remember. Listen to the recordings here.

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REWIND: Refraction x Safe & Jezebel - The Boombox (Miami) with Danny Daze, Amelia Holt & Yumi, Sel.6

Partnering with two of Miami's most forward-thinking party crews, Safe and Jezebel, Refraction's most raucous party to date was held in Miami on March 19 at The Boombox. Revisit the mixes from Danny Daze, Sel.6, and Amelia Holt & Yumi.

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REWIND: Refraction x Pacific Rhythm - Paradise (Vancouver) with Byron the Aquarius

With crates full of the wiggly, funky house—and a Korg keyboard to jam over top—Atlanta's Byron the Aquarius took over Vancouver's Paradise for an unforgettable night of jacked up sounds. Revisit the magic with an exclusive mix he recorded for Refraction.

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REWIND: Refraction x Zerospace (NYC) with Aluna, LATASHÁ

Working at the boundaries of hip-hop, deconstructed club, and stoner electronics from the likes of 063N13, JWords, dreamcastmoe, LATASHÁ, Prefuse 73, and Aluna, the ZeroSpace lineup complemented the visual world that reflects the diversity and vision of the Refraction community.

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REWIND: Refraction x Carnegie Hall - Public Records (NYC) With Epic B, Hitmakerchinx & Uninamise

FLEX AVE showcased Flex Dance Music icons Epic B, Hitmakerchinx, and Uninamise, who set the stage for the subculture's distinct contortionist choreography, tracing the kinetic connections across Black music history while building Afrofuturist worlds of sound and dance.

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REWIND: Refraction x FWB - Bambi's (Toronto) with Teen Daze

Teen Daze takes us back to an unforgettable night in Toronto with this exclusive Refraction Radio mix ✨

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REWIND: Refraction x FWB - Public Records (NYC) With Ron Trent

Relive the energy of our March event with Ron Trent, the don of house music past, present and future.

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RECAP: Refraction NYC

Four events across three days, involving over 80 artists and more than 1500 attendees — we took over New York during NFT.NYC to manifest the web3 we want to see.

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