June 23, 2023

REWIND: Creative Grants - Refraction x Fabiola Larios, Moises Sanabria, & MCR (Miami)

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The Japanese term "Internet Yami-Ichi" translates as "Internet Black Market," but also refers to the perennial and ubiquitous feeling of falling further and further into clickbait rabbit holes, getting lost in our broadband addictions. The idea behind the Internet Yami-Ichi is simple: what happens when we start to "browse" face-to-face. Partnering with Miami Community Radio, Refraction launched Miami's first Internet Yami-Ichi, bringing an art auction to Miami where people could turn off and tune in. 

Held on March 10th, this event brought together a wide cross-section of Miami Community Radio's residents with a carefully curated selection of both AI art and brick-and-mortar art galleries. Hosted at the Holder Gallery, an art gallery that has positioned itself as an interface between the virtual and the digital, the event featured everything from AI-generated NFTs and self-portraits to soft sculptures, all soundtracked by some of Miami's most discerning selectors. 

Learn more about the event and the participating artists here
Scroll to the bottom to watch the livestream recording of the event! 

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