August 25, 2022

REWIND: Refraction x Panke (Berlin) with Muqata'a, MC Yallah & Scotch Rolex

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Refraction took over Berlin's Panke Culture this past April for two nights of experimental and immersive audiovisual performances. Crossing both geographies and genres, and mixing DJing, live sets, and everything in between, and there was a palpable buzz in this northern corner of the German capital. The music ran the gamut from the fantastical techno of Hungarian artist The Allegorist to the rapidfire rhymes of Kenyan rapper MC Yallah. Eddington Again brought the hazy funk of his native LA to Wedding, while Bungalovv offered up corroded electronics that harkened back to his project's start in Buenos Aires. Held together less by aesthetics and more by sensibility, these two evenings were a masterclass in programming built around principles of curiosity and artistic adventure. 

Listen to the recordings here:

All photos by Kolja Tinkova

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