February 1, 2024

REWIND: Refaction x Dig Shibuya (Tokyo)

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From January 13-14 Refraction was honored to participate in the inaugural edition of DIG SHIBUYA, a dynamic event that brought together visionaries, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to explore the intersection of technology, art, and culture. This immersive experience showcased d cutting-edge innovations shaping the future, and redefining Shibuya as a global hub for culture, creativity, and innovation.

As part of the Midnight Shibuya Scramble Vision Art program, from midnight to 1:00 am, the Shibuya Scramble Crossing's large screen showcased work from Refraction artists curated by Genki Nishida,  Malcolm Levy Anbar El-Mokri, Jackson Kaki and Asuka Watanabe.  Included in the immersive experience were artists YOSHIROTTEN, ミライ シキヤマ x Alex Lusting, Hiromu Oka, Asuka Watanabe x Iain Howie, Hana Watanabe, Saeko Ehara x Shuta Yasukochi, Genki Nishida x The Mole, JACKSON kaki, Manami Sakamoto x ZDBT, Ryutaro Kobayashi, Kaoru Tanaka, Chris Dammeyer, Muhcine Ennou, Sasha Stiles, 0x3y3, Strano, and Nicolas Sassoon x Yu Su.

Also included were artists from Ellie Pritts’ Electric Psychedelia curation including, Somfay mostwrongking, Ilithya, as well as artists from the Sonic Imagery collection curated by Malcolm Levy, including Suren Seneviratne Tatsuru Arai +Mathew Jonson +Jay Medvedeva, hypereikon, Joëlle, P1xelfool, and Leander Herzog + Milian Mori. 

Producer @inotaiki

Photos @daveclarkiv

Muhcine Ennou
Hiromu Oka x Zac x SMP
Sasha Stiles
Chris Dammeyer
Genki Nishida x The Mole
Hana Watanabe

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