Afrofuturism and Democracy: The Age of Disorder and the Coming Pluriverse

Reynaldo Anderson, Ph.D.
Announcing: S02/S03 Refraction DAO Creative Grants

For Season 02 + 03, Refraction DAO will launch a Creative Grants programme through an open call worldwide to the community.

Kaitlyn Davies
Refraction NYC

3 days. 4 events. Over 80 artists. Find out what we've got planned this week during NFT.NYC.

John Chiaverina
Sounds and Visions: An A/V Playlist of Nicolas Sassoon's Work

French-Canadian visual artist Nicolas Sassoon walks us through some of the highlights of his catalogue, featuring works inspired by electronic music as well as the natural landscape of British Columbia.

Nicolas Sassoon
Real and Imagined Landscapes

Exploring Island geography with Nicolas Sassoon and Yu Su

Henry Ivry