Orb Research Network x Refraction

In an effort to support tools that empower creatives, Refraction & Orb brought together 10 talented artists and creators to explore the unique features of the platform and share invaluable insights.

Refraction DAO
REWIND: ‘co-create’ Exhibition at ETHBerlin

Over 3 days, Refraction and EthBerlin showcased 15 artworks across a range of “bring-your-own-device” displays, and hosted discussions on the past, present and future of decentralized art & networks.

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REWIND: LUKSO x Refraction - Austin 

This March, together with LUKSO, we had an incredible evening at Austin’s favorite natural wine watering hole LoLo, exploring themes of identity, ownership, and the New Creative Economies through immersive art by Cibelle Cavalli Bastos and Tabitha Swanson.

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Open Call for Artists: Refraction x ETHBerlin

Refraction and The Department of Decentralization are presenting the art programming at this year’s ETHBerlin from May 24-26. The exhibition is curated through an Open Call. Interested artists can submit their artwork from April 10th to May 10th.

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Refract Pass Drop: Rick Silva - Totality

We asked Brazilian-American artist Rick Silva a few questions ahead of his Refraction artwork drop—a reflection on the solar eclipse. The work is available exclusively for Refract Pass holders and exhibited for the first time at our New York event at Public Records on April 4th.

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Navigating Identity and Ownership in Digital Art and the New Creative Economies with LUKSO

Always there when you call, always online. 

Kaitlyn Davies
REWIND: Refaction x Dig Shibuya (Tokyo)

Refraction DAO
Digital Duality: The Analog and Virtual Realms of Sasha Stiles

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Flow State Dreamworlds: Meet Interdisciplinary Artist Muhcine Ennou

The Amesterdam-based Moroccan artist shares valuable advice for emerging artists, emphasizing the importance of curiosity, fearlessness, and remaining receptive to the myriad opportunities that blockchain technology presents, including community.

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Material Potential: Sara Ludy On Working With AI, Painting, and Generating a Surreal Dance Party In The Ocean

The renowned artist talks about her start with AI-assisted art, and Daance Dange Daice—her series of otherworldly images of celebration and alienation.

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Rewind: Surveyors of Magic - despace (Berlin) Curated By Tabitha Swanson

For our latest Berlin event in partnership with the Tezos Foundation and Infite Objects, Tabitha Swanson curated 16 artworks from the Refraction collection, describing the magic of memories, dreams, and experiences refracted through the digital lens.

Refraction DAO
Surveyors of Magic: A Chat With Curator Tabitha Swanson 

Bringing together artists that explore the natural and geological worlds, unexpected glitch and non-human intelligence. Fuelled by irreverence, playfulness and humour, ‘Surveyors of Magic’ offers a space to explore and rebuild.

Kate Neave
Afrofuturism and Democracy: The Age of Disorder and the Coming Pluriverse

Reynaldo Anderson, Ph.D.
Announcing: S02/S03 Refraction DAO Creative Grants

For Season 02 + 03, Refraction DAO will launch a Creative Grants programme through an open call worldwide to the community.

Kaitlyn Davies
Refraction NYC

3 days. 4 events. Over 80 artists. Find out what we've got planned this week during NFT.NYC.

John Chiaverina
Sounds and Visions: An A/V Playlist of Nicolas Sassoon's Work

French-Canadian visual artist Nicolas Sassoon walks us through some of the highlights of his catalogue, featuring works inspired by electronic music as well as the natural landscape of British Columbia.

Nicolas Sassoon
Real and Imagined Landscapes

Exploring Island geography with Nicolas Sassoon and Yu Su

Henry Ivry