June 21, 2024

Orb Research Network x Refraction

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Over the past weeks, Refraction collaborated with decentralized social platform Orb to host the Orb Research Network. 

In an effort to support tools that empower creatives, this program brought together 10 talented artists and creators to explore the unique features of the platform and share invaluable insights.

Participants: Alvaro Delgado, Nicholas G. Padilla, Fabiola Larios, Richard, Micaela, Moises Sanabria, Leo Pastel, Russ, & Fady.


Throughout the month-long program, Research Network members invited their communities to dive into the Orb.

We covered a wide range of topics: 

  • Collectibles
  • Zora Cross Posting
  • Club Treasury Splits
  • Revenue Dashboard

The feedback from our Research Network members was overwhelmingly positive. They loved the clean, smooth, and intuitive interface of Orb. The simplicity and ease of use were standout features that made the platform shine.

🪩 Clubs became a group favorite. Participants shared ideas for enhancing clubs, including live streams, bookmarks, and content filtering to improve user experience and engagement.

💸 Revenue Dashboards was highlighted as having immense potential. Research members found the club metrics extremely valuable and suggested making the Revenue Dashboard more visible within Orb Clubs.


We extend a big thank you to Orb for partnering with us and to all the amazing creators for their dedication and hard work. A special shoutout goes to Jacq for shining as the Research Network facilitator.

The Orb Research Network x Refraction collaboration was an incredible experience celebrating some brilliant artists shaping our digital future and provided invaluable feedback to help improve the Orb platform.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities with Refraction x Orb. .

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