Minted Chaos: A Community Experiment in Chance Dance with Pure Rave

For this season's theme of Minted Chaos, Refraction and Pure Rave are partnering on an audio experiment inviting the extended Refraction community to create their own Chance Dance audio piece in Pure Rave style. Selected tracks will then be published on Nina Protocol.

Pauline Le Mell
Incidental Party Music: Pure Rave Brings Experimental Turntablism to the Dancefloor

While Pure Rave cites experimental turntablists like Christan Marclay and Maria Chavez as influences, they also are working within the rich history of Detroit electronic music, with an origin story linked to the Motor City's robust and historic dance music scene. 

John Chiaverina
Rethinking the Value of Music in Web3

The advent of web3 presents an opportunity for alternatives that exist outside of this imaginary stranglehold but, in order to start thinking about music outside of our current model, we need to start thinking about the value of music differently.

Henry Ivry
Real and Imagined Landscapes

Exploring Island geography with Nicolas Sassoon and Yu Su

Henry Ivry
Revolution or regression? Changing perspectives on music NFTs

While much of the talk within the world of Web3 is prone to hyperbole — there are endless promises of revolution, not to mention the tech world's favorite buzzword: disruption.

Henry Ivry