August 17, 2022

REWIND: Refraction x Pacific Rhythm - Paradise (Vancouver) with Byron the Aquarius

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Pacific Rhythm is the label behind some of the smoothest, most laid-back, THC-laced house music coming out of the Pacific Northwest. When Refraction teamed up with the record store and label to host Byron the Aquarius at Vancouver's underground venue Paradise on April 30, 2022, the vibe and volume were both turned up to 10. Armed with crates full of the wiggly, funky house—and a Korg keyboard to jam over top—Byron kept it jacking, bridging the distance between the old and the new by way of down-and-dirty drum programming and melodies that dancers are still whistling four months later. 

Have a listen to his exclusive Refraction mix here:

While you're at it, check this video recap created by the Paradise team for a hint of what you missed that night.

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