Chaotic Mix: quest?onmarq

For the third instalment of our Chaotic Mix series, the New York native presents an eclectic three-act mix that spirals from chaotic good to chaotic evil.

Henry Ivry
Chaotic Mix: Leevisa

For our second Chaotic Mix, the Seoul-based DJ, producer and composer Leevisa delivers immersive world-building through contrasts and unexpected left turns.

Henry Ivry
Tracing the Blurry Lines of Experimental Turntablism

John Chiaverina explores the history of turntablism and its interactions with dance music, culminating in the work of Pure Rave, a Detroit collective working with Refraction as part of its Minted Chaos season.

John Chiaverina
Chaotic Mix: Bergsonist

For this season's theme, we asked New York-based artist and musician Bergsonist to create a chaos-inspired mix. Listen here as she touches on everything from Swedish field recordings to classic Detroit house to percussive African workouts.

Henry Ivry
Minted Chaos: A Community Experiment in Chance Dance with Pure Rave

For this season's theme of Minted Chaos, Refraction and Pure Rave are partnering on an audio experiment inviting the extended Refraction community to create their own Chance Dance audio piece in Pure Rave style. Selected tracks will then be published on Nina Protocol.

Pauline Le Mell
Incidental Party Music: Pure Rave Brings Experimental Turntablism to the Dancefloor

While Pure Rave cites experimental turntablists like Christan Marclay and Maria Chavez as influences, they also are working within the rich history of Detroit electronic music, with an origin story linked to the Motor City's robust and historic dance music scene. 

John Chiaverina
REWIND: Refraction x Zerospace (NYC) with Aluna, LATASHÁ

Working at the boundaries of hip-hop, deconstructed club, and stoner electronics from the likes of 063N13, JWords, dreamcastmoe, LATASHÁ, Prefuse 73, and Aluna, the ZeroSpace lineup complemented the visual world that reflects the diversity and vision of the Refraction community.

Refraction DAO
Signal Strength: How Internet Radio Is Creating a New Space For Global Sounds and Culture

Internat radio stations have popped up in cities on almost every continent, dedicated to platforming a diverse array of sounds from places big and small, bringing local micro-scenes to the entire world.

Sean Finnan
REWIND: Refraction x Carnegie Hall - Public Records (NYC) With Epic B, Hitmakerchinx & Uninamise

FLEX AVE showcased Flex Dance Music icons Epic B, Hitmakerchinx, and Uninamise, who set the stage for the subculture's distinct contortionist choreography, tracing the kinetic connections across Black music history while building Afrofuturist worlds of sound and dance.

Refraction DAO
REWIND: Refraction x FWB - Bambi's (Toronto) with Teen Daze

Teen Daze takes us back to an unforgettable night in Toronto with this exclusive Refraction Radio mix ✨

Refraction DAO
REWIND: Refraction x FWB - Public Records (NYC) With Ron Trent

Relive the energy of our March event with Ron Trent, the don of house music past, present and future.

Refraction DAO
Announcing: S02/S03 Refraction DAO Creative Grants

For Season 02 + 03, Refraction DAO will launch a Creative Grants programme through an open call worldwide to the community.

Kaitlyn Davies
Refraction NYC

3 days. 4 events. Over 80 artists. Find out what we've got planned this week during NFT.NYC.

John Chiaverina
Rethinking the Value of Music in Web3

The advent of web3 presents an opportunity for alternatives that exist outside of this imaginary stranglehold but, in order to start thinking about music outside of our current model, we need to start thinking about the value of music differently.

Henry Ivry
Sounds and Visions: An A/V Playlist of Nicolas Sassoon's Work

French-Canadian visual artist Nicolas Sassoon walks us through some of the highlights of his catalogue, featuring works inspired by electronic music as well as the natural landscape of British Columbia.

Nicolas Sassoon
Real and Imagined Landscapes

Exploring Island geography with Nicolas Sassoon and Yu Su

Henry Ivry
Revolution or regression? Changing perspectives on music NFTs

While much of the talk within the world of Web3 is prone to hyperbole — there are endless promises of revolution, not to mention the tech world's favorite buzzword: disruption.

Henry Ivry