Further the festival model

Festivals are a model for collective experiences, encompassing artists, staff, partners, volunteers, and audiences. We look at our events, platform, drops, and DAO as a whole, within the metaphor of a festival, constantly building and growing. The festival gives us a focus for community participation and ownership, and a platform for expression and progress.

Own your space

We aim to foster a network of creative nodes that give agency to members of the DAO. We actively support groups in the ownership of their means of production and distribution. As an organization, we strive to own online, metaverse, and IRL spaces for our community to convene, create, collaborate, and perform.

Redistribute resources

We work to reinvest economic resources within the DAO on projects that support our principles and raise the value of the community— enabling collective ownership through the Refract token. We openly share our collective resources of knowledge and networks to lift the DAO and its members.

Embrace emergence

Refraction is an emergent community. We actively look to foster new outcomes for our artists, curators, partners and culture.

Champion diversity

Diversity is central to our ethos. Our programming and community will always aim to reflect this. Distributed globally, Refraction's roots span many different cultures. We actively empower and directly support marginalized and underserved communities in addition to divergent forms of thought, creation, expression, and experimentation in artistic and curatorial practices.

Consider the impact

Art can unleash constructive and lasting change. This responsibility motivates us to always be mindful of the full context and consequences of our work on the individual, community, field, culture, society, and environment.

Evolve the form

We challenge status quo definitions, techniques, categories, frameworks, and systems to advance the pursuit of creation across art, culture, and technology.