Installation by Noah Pred

Presented for Refraction Festival's 2022 NFT.NYC Event At ZeroSpace
22 June 2022.

Participants at ZeroSpace and around the globe were able to interact with Eschatonality in real-time by simply posting a tweet including the word: Eschatonality. The system scanned for new tweets roughly every 45 seconds. When a unique, new tweet was detected, it triggered randomized changes to both the audio and visual expression of the piece while displaying the Twitter handle of the interacting participant. View the full livestream archive above; double-click the video to enter full-screen.

Participation NFT

In addition, participants could redeem one qualifying tweet for a unique Eschatonality A/V NFT to be minted and airdropped later this summer on Tezos, an energy-efficient proof-of-stake blockchain. While the interaction window is closed, you can still become eligible for the airdrop by tweeting a link to this page. You can then register for the airdrop by completing the form linked below before 1 July 2022.

Don’t have a Tezos wallet address yet? Don’t worry – this form accepts registrations until July 1 2022, so you have time to set one up for free after tweeting. NFTs will be airdropped to eligible wallets later this summer.

Register for Airdrop

About the Artwork

Eschatonality is a generative, interactive, audio-visual installation exploring the co-creative experience of time as an object expressed via meta-cultural systems. In theological terminology, the eschaton is translated as a final event looming at the end of time.

Can presence in the current moment dissolve – or decenter – limiting temporal constructs, re-embedding us in an expanded sense of process? A shape-shifting monolith emanates from a formless horizon, reacting fluidly to unique musical expressions that continuously evolve yet never quite repeat. Intricate phrases arise only to dissipate like vapor, calling attention to the ever-changing moment as it emerges.

Embodying the dual experience of time’s passage as both cyclic and novel, all sonic elements comprising the audio portion of the piece are constructed entirely from either cyclic sine waves,  random noise, or combinations of the two.Constructed with bespoke generative audio-visual tools developed by the artist in Max/MSP, Eschatonality builds on Pred’s recent interactive installation for Canada’s MUTEK Festival. Audio and visual changes are triggered by tweets including the term “Eschatonality”, with the corresponding Twitter handle appearing on the lower left of the screen, inviting global collaboration in the process as it unfolds.

Parameters impacted by tweets include:


Rhythmic Mode (Halftime/Doubletime)

Rhythmic Density

Musical Key

Musical Scale

Pad & Chord Expression

Musical Density

Background Palette

Background Mode (Sphere/Horizon)

Object Shape

Object Expression

Object Symmetry

Object Texture

Object Size

Numerous Sonic Timbres & Effects


I don’t have a Tezos wallet yet – can I still receive an NFT?

Yes, though you must set up a Tezos wallet within the next week to complete the airdrop registration with your qualifying tweet.

What is Tezos?

Tezos is an ecologically-friendly, decentralized, proof-of-stake blockchain.

I tweeted but nothing happened – why?

In order to comply with the Twitter API, Eschatonality only checks for new tweets every 45 seconds, so you may need to be patient. It is also possible for newer tweets to jump the queue within the 45-second span, so you may have to tweet more than once for your trigger to be detected.